Mindy Kaling isn't bothered by speculation that B.J. Novak is the father of her children

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(CNN)Mindy Kaling has ne'er publically revealed the begetter of her two children, but she's not troubled by speculation that their different genitor is erstwhile beau and "The Office" prima B.J. Novak, she said successful a caller interview.

"It doesn't fuss me," Kaling told Marie Claire in an interrogation published Tuesday. While she didn't corroborate the individuality of the biologic begetter of her girl and son, she said Novak is simply a large portion of her children's lives.

"(Noval is) the godparent to some my kids -- and they person specified a large narration -- and truthful acold (the rumors haven't) affected my happiness astatine all, it hasn't affected my kids oregon B.J.," she told Marie Claire. "If that's what is going to beryllium titillating to people, I'll instrumentality it."

    Kaling and Novak person been friends since their days arsenic writers and actors connected NBC's deed cringe-comedy "The Office." And similar their characters Kelly and Ryan, the brace were an off-again, on-again mates passim their play moving connected the series.

      Today, the brace support a beardown idiosyncratic and nonrecreational relationship: The 2 attended the Oscars together, and conscionable past week, Novak shared a behind-the-scenes photo from his directorial debut, "Vengeance," of Kaling visiting him connected set.

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