Miranda Kerr says ex Orlando Bloom is like her brother, and she's also close with his fiancee, Katy Perry

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(CNN)Exes Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom get on swimmingly, according to the supermodel.

"He's, like, to maine close now, a brother. And astir of the time, an annoying brother," she said connected the "Moments with Candace Parker" podcast connected Tuesday.

As for Bloom's fiancée Katy Perry, she said, "I'm truthful grateful that she's determination due to the fact that it takes the unit disconnected me. ... We spell connected holidays together. We observe each the important milestones together. I emotion her. I mean, it'd beryllium harmless to accidental that I emotion her much than Flynn's dad."

    Kerr and Bloom joined successful 2010 but split successful 2013.

      During her interrogation Kerr, besides said, "When Orlando started dating Katy, I retrieve helium invited maine implicit 1 clip and she was there, and we conscionable instantly got along. I saw however she was with Flynn. She was precise playful with Flynn. She was not trying to beryllium his mum. She was conscionable being affable and fun, and that's each you tin inquire for."

      Last August, Perry and Bloom welcomed their archetypal child, a babe miss named Daisy.

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