Morris reveals close call on early retirement

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Sydney Roosters seasoned Josh Morris has admitted helium considered bringing his status guardant this twelvemonth aft suffering a superior hamstring injury.

The 35-year-old could beryllium playing successful his last match this week if the Roosters don't prevail against Manly, but revealed that helium feared his vocation could've been brought to a premature extremity conscionable past month.

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Morris' play was successful uncertainty aft injuring his hamstring successful aboriginal August, but the retiring winger has been capable to marque it backmost for his team's finals campaign, scoring a effort successful the Roosters' thrilling one-point triumph implicit the Titans successful past week's elimination final.

In the lead-up to what shapes up arsenic a blockbuster semi-final against the Sea Eagles, Morris revealed conscionable however adjacent helium was to calling it quits early.

Josh Morris volition telephone clip connected a stellar vocation astatine the extremity of this season, joining his duplicate Brett successful status (NRL Imagery)

"There were astir apt a mates of stages determination erstwhile I did the hammy, not knowing if I was going to get backmost oregon not," helium told 9News Sydney.

"A mates of days determination I woke up and wanted to spell home, but having spoken to the wife, she reassured maine and told maine everything was alright and to support chasing my dream."

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Friday night's clash against Manly is headlined by a marquee match-up of fullbacks James Tedesco and Tom Trbojevic.

An outstanding play has led to Trbojevic being spoken astir arsenic the champion subordinate successful the NRL, thing that volition thrust Tedesco according to his Roosters teammate.

Despite Tom Trbojevic's stellar signifier this season, Roosters teammates accidental James Tedesco is inactive the NRL's champion No.1 (Getty)

"It's breathtaking for Ted," Morris said.

"He thrives successful that big-game arena and Tommy has been touted arsenic the champion fullback this twelvemonth and Ted volition decidedly privation to get 1 implicit him."

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Tedesco has go an idol for younger Roosters specified arsenic Victor Radley, who says determination is simply nary speech arsenic to who is the NRL's premier No.1

"I similar Teddy," Radley told 9News Sydney. "I mightiness beryllium biased, but I'd person Teddy immoderate time of the week. He's conscionable the GOAT, I emotion him."

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