Moses refutes whispers of infighting Eels

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Parramatta halfback Mitchell Moses is the latest Eel to deed retired astatine whispers of infighting, amid the club's descent from premiership contenders to top-eight featherweight.

Injured hooker Reed Mahoney told Sydney's Nine News this week that speech of unrest among the Eels campy indispensable person travel from "an outer root that is jealous".

Mahoney's retaliation has travel connected the backmost of a four-game losing streak, during which the Eels person dropped retired of the apical four.

Moses followed Mahoney's comments by saying "everyone's up successful spirits" and labelling the Eels "tight", adjacent aft their 56-10 humiliation astatine the hands of the Sea Eagles connected Saturday.

Eels halfback Mitchell Moses. (Getty)

"It's thing that we request to talk astir now," Moses said successful a Zoom media conference.

"We cognize that we haven't been up to scratch and we request to alteration that. That's what we're looking to bash this week [against the Cowboys].

"The playing radical feels beauteous fine, everyone's up successful spirits, we cognize what we're doing incorrect and we request to hole that."

While Moses was mostly steely-eyed arsenic helium responded to reports of disharmony, helium did find country for immoderate humour astatine the disbursal of skipper Clint Gutherson.

"Gutho's got a two-level penthouse oregon something, truthful I deliberation everyone other is simply a spot disconnected it," Moses laughed.

"No, that's conscionable a small spot of noise. Look, I don't cognize wherever immoderate of that worldly has travel from.

"But we cognize arsenic a radical that we're beauteous choky and there's decidedly nary of that happening."

Eels players cutting despondent figures successful the thumping astatine the hands of the Sea Eagles. (Getty)

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