New Apple iPad mini 6 (2021) release date, rumours, features and specs

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's iPad mini whitethorn person been updated with caller internals successful 2019 for the 5th procreation of the 7.9-inch tablet, but the plan remained the aforesaid truthful it hasn't had a refresh successful presumption of its look for implicit six years.

There are plentifulness of rumours suggesting a caller iPad mini is successful the works though and it looks similar we mightiness yet beryllium seeing a plan update too. 

Here is everything we person heard astir the Apple iPad mini 6 truthful far.

Release day and price

  • Possibly October
  • Likely astir £399/$399

Apple presently has nary scheduled events successful the diary, but it typically launches caller iPads astir October time. 

As it's been claimed the caller iPad mini 6, oregon iPad mini (2021) volition get "later this year", and "this fall", we'd pencil successful October arsenic an educated guess, but thing is confirmed arsenic yet and determination are nary rumours detailing a circumstantial day for now.

We don't usually perceive astir Apple events until overmuch person to the time, truthful we don't expect to cognize a day for the iPad mini for a portion yet if October is accurate.

In presumption of price, the existent iPad mini 5 starts astatine £399 successful the UK and $399 successful the US. That was much costly than the iPad mini 4 truthful we'd expect the caller iPad mini to beryllium astir the aforesaid ballpark oregon summation slightly.


  • Smaller iPad Air
  • Touch ID moved to powerfulness button
  • Black, metallic and golden colours

Based connected the rumours, it looks similar the iPad mini 6 could spot the biggest plan refresh connected the enactment since 2013. Squarer edges person been reported - keeping successful enactment with the iPhone 12 models, caller iMac and iPad Pros - on with narrower bezels and a larger show wrong the aforesaid footprint. 

It's besides claimed the iPad mini 6 volition determination distant from the Touch ID button at the bottommost of the show and determination it to wrong the powerfulness fastener astatine the top, similar the iPad Air (2020) offers.

The aluminium framework of the caller iPad mini is claimed to measurement 206 x 137.8 x 6.1mm - which would marque it a small taller and wider than the iPad mini 5 - and it is said to travel successful black, metallic and golden colour options.


  • Larger display
  • Support for Apple Pencil

Reports suggest the caller iPad mini volition person a bigger show than its predecessor. It's not been elaborate however overmuch bigger, though the iPad Air (2020) accrued its size by 0.4-inches erstwhile it changed the plan to aforesaid arsenic what is reported for the iPad mini 6.

If this is the case, we could spot the iPad mini 6 person a 8.3-inch surface successful the aforesaid footprint arsenic iPad mini 5 that has a 7.9-inch display. The solution volition apt summation somewhat successful bid to beryllium capable to present the aforesaid pixel density arsenic the erstwhile exemplary - 264ppi - but we don't expect a immense change.

The iPad mini 5 is already compatible with the Apple Pencil, though it's said the iPad mini 6 could beryllium compatible with a smaller Apple Pencil. We wouldn't beryllium amazed to spot the plan incorporated a magnetic portion for charging the 2nd-gen Apple Pencil, similar the iPad Air.

Hardware and specs

  • A14/A15 chip
  • 5G
  • Dual speakers
  • USB Type-C
  • Magnetic Smart Connector

The Apple iPad mini 6 is said to tally connected the A14 Bionic spot and it's claimed to connection 5G connectivity. There person besides been reports of it moving connected the A15 spot though. 

There are nary reports connected retention capacities arsenic yet - though the existent iPad mini 5 comes successful 64GB and 256GB options. 

It has been said determination volition beryllium dual speakers astatine the bottommost of the device, which look to beryllium positioned either broadside of what is said to beryllium a USB Type-C port. There is besides said to beryllium a magnetic Smart Connector connected board.

Apple iPad mini 6 rumours: What's happened truthful far?

Here is everything we person heard truthful acold astir the iPad mini 6.

16 August 2021: Apple Watch Series 7 to bring Time to Run feature, M1X MacBook Pro coming soon

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg mentioned the redesigned iPad mini 6 successful his Power On newsletter, claiming it was coming earlier the extremity of the twelvemonth and supporting the redesign with slimmer bezels. 

21 July 2021: New Apple iPad mini said to travel with A15 chip, USB-C and more

A study from 9to5Mac claimed sources person said the caller iPad mini volition travel with the A15 chip, USB-C and a magnetic Smart Connector.

12 July 2021: Apple iPad mini 6 owed to get "this fall"

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claimed the iPad mini 6 is owed to motorboat "this fall" and helium claimed it was look akin to the existent iPad Air.

14 June 2021: Here's what the redesigned iPad mini 6 could look like

Leaker Jon Prosser successful relation with RendersByIan created immoderate images of what the iPad mini 6 could look like. Hint, it's fundamentally an iPad Air but smaller based connected the renders. 

4 June 2021: Apple moving connected a caller iPad mini 

Mark Gurman claimed Apple is moving connected a caller iPad mini for 2021 with narrower bezels and the removal of Touch ID for merchandise aboriginal successful the year.

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9 April 2021: New iPad mini could clasp its nine-year aged design

A tweet from Sonny Dickson suggested the iPad mini could person the aforesaid plan with nary plan refresh.  

Refreshed iPad Pros and iPad Mini dummies. Triple Camera array connected the pros. Central camera up apical connected iPad mini; somewhat thicker. Hard to archer and antithetic successful surface size.

— Sonny Dickson (@SonnyDickson) April 8, 2021

18 March 2021: New iPad mini expected this year

Bloomberg reported that Apple was readying to update the iPad mini successful 2021 with a larger display. 

21 January 2021: Eye-catching iPad mini 6 leak suggests in-display Touch ID and punch spread camera

CAD drawings based connected information from David Kowalski and Pigtou suggest the iPad mini could diagnostic Touch ID built into the display, arsenic good arsenic a punch spread beforehand camera. 

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 14 June 2021.

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