Nicolle Wallace Blasts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham for Their Racist Fearmongering Segments About Afghani Refugees

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Conservative media had a accelerated pivot erstwhile it came to the events successful Afghanistan yesterday. During the afternoon, Fox hosts wondered however Joe Biden could dainty our allies successful Afghanistan truthful poorly.

But during the premier clip hours, Fox’s main racists, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham began to hammer distant astatine the incoming refugees. Ingraham wondered wherefore we beryllium the radical of Afghanistan thing astatine all. Tucker Carlson told his viewers that Afghani’s would soon beryllium invading their neighborhoods.

Nicolle Wallace ripped into the duo, saying,

“We’ve witnessed conscionable successful the last fewer days a litany of unforgettable past bound for the past books. Thousand of Afghans trying to flee their country, fearfulness for their lives. Heartbreaking scenes similar this led to calls of members of both political parties for the U.S. To supply asylum for Afghans. Some members of the close wing media including immoderate of the same people who downplay oregon outright defend the achromatic nationalists and home convulsive extremists who attacked the capitol January 6th are utilizing this infinitesimal to spread misinformation and engage in what tin lone beryllium described as racist fearfulness mongering.”

Nicolle Wallace blasts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham for their racist fearmongering implicit Afghani refugees


The MSNBC big continued, “These are radical that had to marque a choice. So acold distant from here, truthful acold distant from the cozy climate-controlled studios astatine Fox News headquarters, successful Afghanistan. They had to take betwixt America and their country, and the Taliban, and they chose us, from each the mode implicit there. The conception that their benignant of horrific fearmongering and racism doesn’t carve retired the men and women successful Afghanistan who kept our soldiers live for 2 decades is simply a caller level of reprehensible.”

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