On The Same Day Greg Abbott Announces He Has COVID, Texas Has Requested 5 Mortuary Trailers From FEMA

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Texas is the biggest reddish authorities successful the county. And due to the fact that of that, galore of its residents person refused to get inoculated against COVID-19.

Governor Greg Abbott surely hasn’t helped matters. Like, Ron DeSantis, his counterpart successful Florida, Abbott is much focused connected making the microorganism a civilization warfare contented alternatively than really doing thing astir it.

And cases are skyrocketing successful some places. In fact, 40% of the caller cases successful the full state are coming from either Texas oregon Florida. Things took a melodramatic crook for Abbott connected Tuesday arsenic the politician announced that helium has COVID-19. Interestingly enough, connected the aforesaid day, the authorities requested 5 caller mortuary trucks from FEMA.

The mortuary trucks were commonly seen successful the aboriginal days of the pandemic erstwhile states similar New York and California were experiencing thousands of cases. They weren’t expected to beryllium needed again erstwhile the vaccine for the unwellness was introduced.

FEMA spokesperson Douglas Loveday told the Washington Post, “We don’t cognize of immoderate spot that needs these present owed to COVID, but portion of a effect is being prepared for what could happen. Knowing that it takes a fewer weeks for these to arrive, we wanted to spell up and enactment the petition in.”

Abbott, who is vaccinated against COVID-19, volition beryllium treated with Regeneron. Whether this caller unwellness changes his stance connected mitigation efforts remains to beryllium seen.

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