Palantir Invests in More SPAC Companies, and Buys $51 Million in Gold Bars

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Data-analytics-software steadfast Palantir disclosed much investments successful firms going nationalist done special-purpose acquisition companies, and a ample stash of golden bars.

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Palantir Technologies has expanded its portfolio of investments successful companies going nationalist via SPACs, oregon special-purpose acquisition companies, to good implicit $300 million. 

As antecedently reported, Palantir (ticker: PLTR) has started a programme of investing successful the young companies successful instrumentality for multi-year commitments to usage the company’s software.

In its June 4th fiscal filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Palantir disclosed $250 cardinal successful commitments to a radical of 10 companies done June 30. That includes 8 identified by name, each antecedently announced—Lilium, Sarcos Robotics, Roivant Sciences, Celularity (CELU), Wejo, Babylon Health, Boxed, Pear Therapeutics—and 2 others described lone arsenic “mobility company” and “autonomous conveyance company.” Palantir said it has commercialized contracts with that radical of companies with a imaginable worth of $428 million. All of those transactions were signed successful the play from March 30 to June 22, and to date, nary person been completed, the filing shows.

A supplier of data-analytics bundle for some commercialized and authorities customers, Palantir besides said that since June 30, it has committed an further $60 cardinal successful caller investments, including: $20 cardinal for Fast Radius, which offers a “cloud manufacturing platform”; $15 cardinal for Tritium, a developer of electrical conveyance chargers; $15 cardinal for AdTheorent, which sells machine-learning driven advertizing software; and $10 cardinal for FinAccel, an Asian financial-services institution with offices successful Singapore and Jakarta.

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Palantir besides disclosed that it has completed equity investments of $25 cardinal successful an “electric conveyance company,” $3 cardinal successful an “autonomous aerial conveyance company,” and $5 cardinal successful Astrocast, which operates a web of nanosatellites. That brings the full concern committedness to much than $330 million.

Palantir besides disclosed that it purchased $50.7 cardinal successful 100-ounce golden bars. “Such acquisition volition initially beryllium kept successful a unafraid third-party installation located successful the northeastern United States and the institution is capable to instrumentality carnal possession of the golden bars stored astatine the installation astatine immoderate clip with tenable notice,” Palantir said successful the filing.

The institution did not supply a crushed for the golden purchase.

As of June 30, Palantir had astir $2.4 cardinal successful cash.

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