Polestar reveals limited edition e-bike collaboration with Swedish start-up Cake

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(Pocket-lint) - In summation to announcing its single-motor Polestar 2 prices - disposable from £45,900 successful the UK - the Swedish car institution utilised IAA Mobility 2021 - amended known arsenic the Munich Auto Show - to uncover a first-of-its-kind pairing: a constricted variation electrical bike, called the Makka from (also Swedish) start-up Cake, which pairs with the Polestar 2.

This isn't conscionable a constricted variation of the Makka though - an e-bike which already existed successful an earlier format; though the Polestar variation does travel with signature gold-accented rear suspension - but a full-fat collaboration successful which car, bike, charging and systems synergise. 

The thought down the task is, successful essence, to assistance the mode we traverse cities, oregon possibly research agrarian outbacks wherever cars cannot easy reach. Certain municipality hubs - specified arsenic Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, arsenic conscionable a fistful of galore examples pulled from our minds - are truthful postulation dense with cars that it whitethorn not ever marque consciousness to get stuck successful a jam. So wherefore not thrust your Polestar 2 to an out-of-town stop, merchandise the Makka from the rear tow bar, past sprout disconnected into municipality with little delay?

It's an absorbing idea, though not a wholly archetypal one. Companies acold and wide person for galore years been exploring ways to velocity up, for example, deliveries successful municipality areas. Indeed, successful the bosom of Munich, the precise metropolis wherever IAA 2021 took place, the postal work usage pedal tricycles down the motorcycle lanes alternatively than on-the-road vans afloat of letters. It's conscionable that, until caller times, specified solutions haven't needfully been electrified oregon arsenic  efficient. 

The cardinal happening to this Polestar and Cake project, however, is the mode successful which car and motorcycle ‘talk' to 1 another. The e-bike, which attaches to the rear of Polestar 2 successful a presently not-operational prototype tow barroom and cablegram combination, stock the aforesaid operating strategy and the Makka tin adjacent recharge from the car arsenic required. The systems cognize the wide artillery capableness and scope imaginable successful a pairing. 

Far from conscionable being specified concept, however, this Cake and Polestar 2 task is acceptable to motorboat successful the aboriginal - apt from 2022 oregon beyond, depending connected however overmuch further enactment needs to beryllium done - though there's presently nary price.

So does it marque sense? Perhaps not for galore close now. In galore ways, though, it's a savvy exploration of the speech astir mobility beyond the accepted formats - possibly you tin person your Cake and devour it erstwhile it comes to getting astir town, eh? Plus, with EVs increasing exponentially successful presumption of purchase/leasing interest, who knows what the aboriginal holds. No uncertainty it'll beryllium antithetic to what was erstwhile the norm. 

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