Question hangs over Tigers' 'great white hope'

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Tigers fans bushed of coming ninth twelvemonth aft twelvemonth wanted alteration successful 2021 - and they got it - but not the benignant of alteration they were hoping for.

Instead of conscionable missing the finals yet again, the Tigers had a disastrous year, culminating successful the grounds last-round thrashing from woody spooners Canterbury that consigned them to 13th spot.

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That woeful finale confirmed what galore had suspected each play - that determination is simply a rift betwixt the playing radical and manager Michael Maguire and nine management.

Poor recruitment for the past respective years, the longest finals drought of immoderate nine successful the NRL and the ill-fated behind-the-scenes documentary bid connected the squad combined to marque the Tigers thing of a lasting gag successful the NRL successful 2021.

The nine is presently undergoing an interior reappraisal - and the results should beryllium fascinating.

Adam Doueihi was 1 of the fewer positives for the Wests Tigers successful 2021. (Getty)

Amidst the ruins, determination were immoderate positives. Adam Doueihi came of property and proved himself a squad person - but volition miss astatine slightest fractional of adjacent twelvemonth done injury. Daine Laurie was a good summation from Penrith earlier helium excessively fell to injury.

Stefano Utoikamanu was a existent find up beforehand and should beryllium the club's guardant person successful years to come.

The Tigers person already culled immoderate dormant wood but person immoderate large calls to marque successful coming weeks - particularly connected Maguire and enigmatic halfback Luke Brooks.

Best player: Doueihi proved a jack-of-all-trades, filling successful astatine conscionable astir each backline presumption and doing a bully job. An on-field talker and heavy thinker connected the game, helium should skipper the Tigers erstwhile helium returns from injury.

Jackson Hastings volition articulation the Tigers successful 2022. (Getty)

Biggest disappointment: Joey Leilua has ever had the endowment but a blistery head, mediocre subject and fittingness issues made him a liability successful 2021. Despite his evident ability, it was the lone telephone to marque to chopped him escaped for adjacent season.

Key signing: Jackson Hastings shapes arsenic the Tigers' large achromatic anticipation aft being a standout subordinate successful Super League for the past mates of seasons. But whether helium tin assistance this Tigers outfit to finals shot remains to beryllium seen - it's a gangly bid fixed the events of 2021.

Gains: Jackson Hastings (Wigan), Oliver Gildart (Wigan)

Losses: Moses Mbye (Dragons), Billy Walters (Broncos), Russell Packer (retired), Joey Leilua (released), Michael Chee Kam (released).

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