Researchers Identify Prominent QAnon Influencer Who Spreads Antisemitic Conspiracies

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Researchers astatine the quality steadfast Logically person identified “GhostEzra,” a salient QAnon influencer who spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories, arsenic Robert Smart of Boca Raton, Florida.

GhostEzra has amassed more than 300,000 Telegram transmission subscribers since the opening of the year. He has besides claimed that Jewish radical power the media and banking, shared neo-Nazi propaganda, shared conspiracies astir President Joe Biden being dead, and sowed disinformation astir the 2020 predetermination and Covid-19 vaccines.

Researchers were capable to place Smart arsenic the fig down GhostEzra using images taken from Telegram that led to Google and Yelp reappraisal accounts. Those accounts yet led them to an email address. They were besides capable to place images of the wrong of a location posted to GhostEzra’s relationship with those posted to Smart’s societal media profiles and reappraisal accounts.

The antheral down the account, Robert Smart, is an evangelical Christian and serial entrepreneur who attends respective churches successful his section area. He appears to person antecedently operated astatine slightest 4 different QAnon Twitter accounts, each acceptable up wrong a time of its predecessor being suspended and each sharing akin identifiers, including astir identical bios, and a akin penning style. All of the accounts identified by Logically arsenic his successful immoderate mode invoked the identities of individuals often lauded by QAnon adherents arsenic important players oregon bringers of ‘the storm,’ specified arsenic Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, oregon Ezra Cohen-Watnick,” researchers wrote.

They added: “Despite GhostEzra’s existent individuality agelong eluding QAnon adherents and conspiracy researchers alike, Logically was capable to uncover GhostEzra’s individuality by pursuing a way of open-source quality leads to find the individuality of the idiosyncratic posting arsenic GhostEzra.”

Logically notes that its researchers reached retired to Smart for a effect but that helium did not respond earlier they published their findings.

You tin work their afloat study HERE.

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