Rick Scott Calls For The 25th Amendment On Biden Then Begs For Florida Disaster Declaration

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Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) who has statesmanlike delusions, called for the 25th Amendment to beryllium utilized connected Biden, past begged Biden for a Florida catastrophe declaration.

Rick Scott Calls For The 25th Amendment On Joe Biden

After the disastrous events successful Afghanistan, we indispensable face a superior question: Is Joe Biden susceptible of discharging the duties of his bureau oregon has clip travel to workout the provisions of the 25th Amendment? https://t.co/l1bFrUdZH9


There was thing successful Biden’s almighty and logical code that would suggest that the President is mentally unfit to transportation retired his duties. Biden showed his competence and semipermanent imaginativeness for the state with his code connected the Afghanistan withdrawal. Scott’s telephone was petty authorities from a Senator who wants to tally for president successful 2024.

Rick Scott Also Called On The Same President That He Insulted To Provide Federal Disaster Aid

In emblematic Republican fashion, Scott called for Biden to beryllium removed from office, past begged the President for a catastrophe declaration, truthful that Florida tin get national catastrophe aid:

Fresh disconnected floating Biden's removal via the 25th Amendment, Sen. Rick Scott urges Biden to o.k. Ron DeSantis' petition for catastrophe relief. https://t.co/Q268phiuja


Biden issued the catastrophe declaration connected Monday night.

The American People Support Biden On  Afghanistan

Biden’s determination connected Afghanistan is wide popular. The American radical person been calling for a US unit withdrawal for decades. The media and the Republican Party are mode retired of measurement with the American radical connected Afghanistan.

Rick Scott and the Republicans are mounting themselves up to beryllium connected the incorrect broadside of different issue.

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