Rivals fuming about Storm link to top ref

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Rival NRL clubs are privately unhappy astir the recently-formed links betwixt premiers Melbourne and the game's No.1 ranked referee Gerard Sutton.

The Storm employed Sutton's elder member and erstwhile boss, ex-referees supremo Bernard Sutton, arsenic a advisor successful January.

I'm not suggesting for 1 infinitesimal that Gerard has a bias towards the Storm due to the fact that of their relation with his member - the referee is consecutive arsenic an arrow.

But determination are rumblings astir what interaction this script could have, with Bernard having coached Gerard and having an intimate cognition of each his habits and favored peeves connected the tract that could theoretically effect successful penalties.

The NRL themselves are acrophobic astir optics of the nexus betwixt the brothers. A mates of months agone during the State of Origin series, main enforcement Andrew Abdo personally telephoned Bernard Sutton telling him to basal down from helping Queensland aft crippled one, which was refereed by Gerard.

"Bernard trained his small member and was his brag - helium knows however helium ticks arsenic a referee and what helium is apt to penalise and what helium volition fto go," a rival manager told me.

"What if Gerard referees the expansive last and the Storm triumph - arsenic they did past twelvemonth - and his member is present connected the coaching staff. We are not saying determination is immoderate bias but it is not a bully look."

Referee Gerard Sutton during a Raiders vs Storm lucifer this NRL season. (Getty)


Still connected referees, determination was 1 certainty going into past weekend's circular of matches - that the Roosters would execute a uncommon triumph successful the punishment number department.

The nine planted a communicative successful the News Corp media past week however they had lone won 29 per cent of punishment counts nether manager Trent Robinson.

Roosters supremo Nick Politis - 1 of the astir almighty men successful the crippled - adjacent spoke to NRL bosses Peter V'landys and Andrew Abdo astir the issue.

Sure enough, the Roosters had a uncommon triumph successful the penalties 2 days later, 7-6, but it proved important arsenic they limped to a one-point triumph implicit the luckless Broncos.

It was the benignant of instrumentality almighty CEOs similar Canterbury's Peter Moore and Parramatta's Denis Fitzgerald utilized earlier large games successful the tabloid property backmost successful the 1980s - and it is inactive effective.

How tiny clubs similar the Tigers, Warriors and Titans privation they had an influential fig similar Politis successful their corner!

Sydney Roosters brag Nick Politis. (Daniel Munoz/Fairfax Media)


Kiwi superstar Shaun Johnson enjoyed 3 reasonably palmy seasons astatine the Sharks - but his parting from the nine this week was thing but amicable.

Johnson is returning location to New Zealand aboriginal aft wounded finished his 2021 campaign, flying retired tomorrow.

But Johnson was hoping the Sharks would wage him the last period of his declaration - astir $60,000 - earlier helium left.

He got a rude daze erstwhile the nine refused to cough up the money, and I'm proceeding helium is going location acold from a blessed lad arsenic a result.

Shaun Johnson. (Getty)


Tigers officials person been near mortified by the tv documentary connected the behind-the-scenes goings connected astatine the club, Wild Wests: Tales From Tiger Town.

In past week's episode, manager Michael Maguire dropped the F-bomb a staggering 113 times.

Officials were acrophobic that the barrage of four-letter words would crook mothers and families disconnected the nine - particularly successful the week of Women successful League round.

This isn't a disapproval of Maguire, by the mode - helium is simply a choirboy compared to erstwhile legendary coaches similar Tom Raudonikis and Arthur Beetson.

But the nine should person insisted that the "naughty words" were beeped retired earlier the amusement went to air.

"It's not the representation we privation associated with our club," 1 committee subordinate told me.

Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire. (Getty)

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