Roborock H7 vacuum cleaner review: Clean and tidy

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(Pocket-lint) - With its expertise successful robot vacuum cleaners, Roborock is nary novice successful the cleaner market. However, the H7 is lone its 2nd foray into the cordless instrumentality vacuum cleaners, pursuing up 2020's H6, and introducing respective upgrades.

However, there's fierce contention successful this premium conception of the market, including large names specified arsenic the Dyson V11, Miele Triflex HX1, Samsung Jet 90, positive others from names similar Shark. So is the Roborock H7 a existent rival to those not insignificant rivals? 


  • Length: 121cm
  • Weight: 1.45kg
  • Bin size: 0.5 litres
  • Dirt bag: Two included

The astir notable happening erstwhile you prime up the H7 is that it seems precise light, astatine astir 1.5kg. Something similar the Dyson V8 is astatine slightest a kilo heavier. That's a large quality and it means that the H7 is truly pleasant to usage successful presumption of manoeuvrability astir furnishings and successful tighter spaces. 

It besides means it's large to usage successful handheld mode erstwhile you're cleaning stairs oregon car seats. Some cleaners tin look rather cumbersome successful these situations. 

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The bin is besides a decent size, astatine 0.5 litres (a 100ml betterment connected the erstwhile generation), though we didn't find it that casual to empty. While the bottommost flips out, there's nary mechanics to propulsion the ungraded out. That means you astir apt request to dip your fingers successful and region the compacted dirt. 

Should you wish, you tin usage a particulate container with this cleaner - 2 are included - but you're astir apt going to usage it bagless. However, this whitethorn beryllium preferable for those who person a particulate allergy, for example, and truthful it is simply a distinguishing diagnostic for the H7. 

Features and specs

  • Display: 1.3-inch OLED
  • Filter: Five-layer, multi-cyclone separator
  • Accessories: MagBase, Multi-Surface Brush, Motorized Mini-brush, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool

There's a tiny OLED show connected the vacuum that tells you what cleaning mode you've selected, arsenic good arsenic however overmuch cleaning clip you person left, expressed arsenic a percent of artillery capableness - though erstwhile you get cleaning successful a peculiar mode it volition amusement you the remaining cleanable clip (for that mode) successful minutes. A fastener - easy reachable with your thumb - enables you to swap betwixt modes. 


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A bully interaction is that the accessories are magnetic, truthful you tin enactment them connected the included wall-mountable MagBase easily, oregon adjacent connect them to the broadside of a household appliance.

The included accessories bash the occupation well. There's the main multi-surface brushwood and a motorised mini tool, successful summation to a crevice instrumentality and dusting brush.

However, determination is nary brushed roller attachment included, which we thin to expect from a decent cordless, particularly astatine this benignant of price. The multi-surface brushwood works perfectly good connected carpet, tiles and woody floors, but the brushwood barroom can't beryllium removed from the casing for casual cleaning.


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That's not going to beryllium a occupation astir of the time, but if you suck up thing that's excessively large and it gets wedged wrong the H7 past you mightiness person your enactment chopped retired to get it free. 

You're capable to person the H7 into a mop, too, though you request to acquisition a abstracted accessory for that. 

The filter twists disconnected the apical of the H7 for casual cleaning conscionable similar connected different cleaners. 

Performance and artillery life

  • Motor: 480W
  • Battery: 80Wh Li-Po, non-removable / Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Cited tally time: Eco - 90 mins / Normal - 45 mins / Max - 8 minutes

Battery beingness is cited astatine astir 90 minutes successful Eco mode, but you'd beryllium pushed to execute this. We recovered astir 40 minutes was the modular successful Normal mode, with possibly 10-15 minutes much successful Eco mode. That's with the main multi-surface brushwood attached.


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These figures are precise respectable, though, and are much than capable for astir tiny to medium-sized homes. If you person a larger location you'll astir apt privation thing a small much heavy-duty, similar the Dyson Outsize, anyway. 

In Max mode, you're looking astatine a truly abbreviated cleaning clip - astir 7 to 8 minutes. You're seldom going to request this mode successful signifier though. 

The Roborock H7 uses a lithium polymer artillery (LiPo), which means a comparatively speedy recharge clip of two-and-a-half hours - an betterment implicit the H6 which took astir 4 hours. This is invited since the artillery isn't removable and truthful you can't bargain different artillery to lengthen the cleanable time. 

The 480W powerfulness is much than capable for adjacent soiled floors and the pickup is precise good, lone faltering with larger pieces of debris. The unusual portion is fine, but if you're trying to suck up a heap of thing similar a full load of meal cereal past it tin get backed up oregon conscionable propulsion it around. Of course, this won't beryllium a regular occurrence.


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The cleaner deals with immoderate good debris perfectly brilliantly - there's nary contented with immoderate smaller particles and it's reasonably decent astatine cleaning to the borderline of the room, too. Hair besides wasn't excessively overmuch of a occupation during our investigating - particularly arsenic this cleaner doesn't assertion to beryllium anti-tangle - and it truly excels connected the carpeted surfaces.


The Roborock H7 enters a truly competitory abstraction successful presumption of cordless instrumentality vacuum cleaners. But it much than holds its ain acknowledgment to fantabulous powerfulness and cleaning capability.

There are a fewer insignificant issues: we'd truly similar to person seen a brushed roller included; and we consciousness that it should beryllium easier to bare - you person to either enactment your fingers successful oregon different instrumentality to get the ungraded out. 

There are immoderate truly bully touches though, including the magnetic attachments connected the stand, and the enactment to usage a ungraded bag. 

As such, the Roborock H7 does capable to warrant its precocious terms and support gait with its rivals, though it doesn't needfully basal retired from that crowd. 

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While the Dyson V15 Absoliute Detect has present appeared connected the scene, the likewise designed V11 is the astir earthy rival to the Roborock, with almighty cleaning and respective decent included accessories. 



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Miele Triflex HX1

This is simply a versatile vac acknowledgment to a modular design. It's coagulated successful plan and build, portion it's almighty too. The artillery is besides detachable truthful you tin usage a 2nd if you need. It's akin successful terms to some the Dyson V11 supra it and the Roborock reviewed here. 


Writing by Dan Grabham. Editing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 17 August 2021.

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