Rugby Championship calendar in COVID flux

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Stuff NZ - The determination of the Rugby Championship volition apt beryllium known earlier the extremity of the day, but the All Blacks are already looking astatine Twickenham to big their historical 100th trial against the Springboks successful precocious September oregon aboriginal October, Stuff tin reveal.

Australia remains the archetypal enactment to big the tournament, though galore hurdles person to beryllium cleared earlier that takes place.

The All Blacks, who are acceptable to alert retired to Perth connected Sunday, indispensable person assurance that the title is going to beryllium held successful Australia successful its entirety earlier they permission – and that is successful doubt.

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Kefu household 'in precocious spirits'

At present, the All Blacks could permission for Perth and beryllium granted an exemption to interruption up their two-week quarantine play astatine the midpoint to play against the Wallabies connected Perth connected August 28, oregon adjacent propulsion the crippled backmost a week.

However, they won't permission New Zealand unless the remaining fixtures are locked in, and this is wherever the issues lie.

It's understood determination are problems getting South Africa and Argentina into Australia nether suitable conditions.

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They were initially owed to alert into Covid-stricken New South Wales, and quarantine there. This would person allowed them to caput to Queensland nether an exemption and play tests there.

However, the worsening Covid conditions person analyzable that picture, and introduction into NSW is nary longer guaranteed.

The alternate is flying them straight into Queensland, but that would beryllium connected 2 things. First, the Queensland authorities would person to agree, and second, some the Springboks and Pumas would person to hold to the bubble conditions, which could beryllium onerous.

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McKenzie lands monster penalty

That's wherefore the Europe enactment for the Rugby Championship is earnestly being considered, with plans to clasp the blockbuster All Blacks-Springboks crippled astatine Twickenham already being drawn up.

UK authorities are apt to let a afloat assemblage astatine Twickenham, and with good successful excess of 1 cardinal expat Kiwis, Australians and South Africans surviving successful London determination would beryllium precocious hopes of a sellout.

The trial could besides beryllium hosted successful the evening – perchance aft the Australia-Argentina crippled astatine the aforesaid venue – to let Kiwi TV audiences to ticker successful the morning.

Wallabies' 'boomerang' haka response

The All Blacks could past nonstop a restricted, 26-man-squad to the US for the trial against the Eagles connected October and instrumentality to Europe for their November trial programme against Wales, Italy, Ireland and France.

The concern is intelligibly fast-moving, but decisions volition person to beryllium made quickly.

The All Blacks request to cognize rapidly if they are going to beryllium connected a level for Perth successful the adjacent fewer days, truthful authorities authorities decisions successful Australia, arsenic good arsenic the statement of some South Africa and Argentina, volition yet determine wherever the Covid-disrupted tourney ends up.

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