Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra release date, rumours, specs and features

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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's Galaxy S21 scope - consisting of the modular S21, S21+ and the S21 Ultra - was revealed successful January 2021, meaning its successors aren't owed for a fewer months yet.

That hasn't stopped speculation astir the Galaxy S22 scope though. There are already plentifulness of rumours surrounding the devices - expected for now, to beryllium the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra. 

Here's everything we person heard truthful acold astir the Samsung Galaxy S22 range.

Release day and price

  • Possibly January 2022
  • From £769/$799?

The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra were revealed successful January 2021, arsenic we mentioned above, though this was earlier than the company's emblematic timeline for its Galaxy S series launch. Prior to 2021, the scope was revealed successful February and made disposable by March.

It's not presently wide whether January is the caller timeline for the Galaxy S scope oregon whether Samsung volition instrumentality to its erstwhile pattern. It's besides of people imaginable determination volition beryllium a antithetic timeline altogether for the Galaxy S22 range, particularly arsenic the Galaxy Note 21 isn't happening this year.

In presumption of price, the Galaxy S21 starts astatine £769 successful the UK and $799 successful the US. The Galaxy S21+ starts astatine £949 successful the UK and $999 successful the US and the Galaxy S21 Ultra starts astatine £1149 successful the UK and $1199 successful the US. It's apt the respective successors volition support wrong a akin ballpark, but it's excessively aboriginal to accidental for now.


  • Glasstic connected modular model
  • Prominent camera housing
  • S Pen enactment connected S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 scope is apt to stock plan traits, similar the S21 scope does. There volition nary uncertainty beryllium immoderate changes compared to the 2021 range, but it could beryllium that they are smaller changes than those made betwixt the S20 range and S21 range. Rumours suggest a flimsy modification but thing substantial.

We'd expect premium handsets crossed the full range, but it's apt astatine slightest the modular S22 volition opt for a integrative backmost alternatively than glass, arsenic the S21 did. Waterproofing is expected connected each S22 models though and USB Type-C charging.

We'd besides expect a salient camera lodging connected each models and a punch spread beforehand camera, unless nether show camera exertion takes disconnected this year. Even if it does though, it's apt that would beryllium reserved for the S22 Ultra. The S22 Ultra is besides apt to connection S Pen enactment similar the S21 Ultra does, though it would beryllium large to spot this widen to the Plus exemplary too.


  • 6.06-inch to 6.81-inch?
  • Full HD+ connected modular and Plus models likely
  • 120Hz refresh rate

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a 6.2-inch display, the S21+ has a 6.7-inch show and the S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch display. It's not yet wide if Samsung volition proceed to connection 3 devices successful the S22 scope and whether it volition instrumentality to the aforesaid sizes if it does. Rumours suggest each 3 volition driblet successful size, with the S22 offering a 6.06-inch screen, the S22+ a 6.55-inch surface and the S22 Ultra a 6.81-inch screen.

We'd expect the modular S22 and the S22+ to connection Full HD+ resolutions though, arsenic good arsenic level displays, arsenic was the lawsuit for the S21 and S21+. The S22 Ultra meanwhile, volition astir apt proceed to connection a higher solution and a curved display, though that's each speculation for now.

Support for HDR and a 120Hz refresh rate are expected connected each S22 models. It's been claimed lone the S22 Ultra volition connection a adaptable refresh complaint though.

Hardware and specs

  • Next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets
  • At slightest 8GB RAM
  • No charger successful box

At the moment, it's not wide what the Samsung Galaxy S22 volition connection successful presumption of hardware, though it's apt to person the adjacent flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon processor connected committee - which volition astir apt beryllium revealed successful December and has been called Snapdragon 898 successful rumours - oregon the next-gen Exynos 2200 chipset with AMD, depending connected the region.

In presumption of different specs, it's apt that the S22 volition connection astatine slightest 8GB of RAM, similar its predecessor, and travel successful a basal exemplary of astatine slightest 128GB of storage. The S21 scope doesn't person microSD enactment truthful we fishy it's improbable that the S22 scope volition reintroduce this unfortunately.

It's beauteous overmuch a definite happening that each the S22 handsets volition beryllium 5G compatible and we'd expect the S22 to connection enactment for accelerated charging and accelerated wireless charging. Samsung has confirmed that the charger volition not travel successful the container though - a determination Apple made for its iPhone 12 series. Rumours assertion the Galaxy S22 volition person a 3800mAh battery, the S22+ a 4600mAh artillery and the Galaxy S22 Ultra a 5000mAh battery.


  • No ToF sensor
  • 200MP sensor for S22 Ultra?
  • Collaboration connected the cards?

There person been claims Samsung is moving connected a 200-megapixel camera sensor, which mightiness beryllium placed into the Galaxy S22 Ultra and determination person been immoderate reports suggesting Samsung and Olympus are besides successful talks regarding a collaboration.

Additionally, different rumours suggest Samsung is looking astatine sensor displacement technology, similar the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers and there's been immoderate chatter astir a caller periscope lens that tin determination the lenses freely betwixt 3X and 10X zoom coming to the S22 Ultra.

There are besides reports that the ToF sensor won't beryllium making a instrumentality connected the Galaxy S22 either - similar it didn't connected the S21 model.

Other rumours accidental the triple rear camera connected the Galaxy S22 volition dwell of a 50-megapixel main sensor, positive 2 12-megapixel sensors for ultrawide and telephoto, with the telephoto camera susceptible of 3X zoom. It's said the Galaxy S22+ volition stock this setup. 

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Samsung Galaxy S22 rumours: Here's everything we person heard truthful far

This is everything we person heard truthful acold astir the Samsung Galaxy S22 range.

17 August 2021: Samsung Galaxy S22 bid leak details camera, artillery and show specs

Leaker Ice Universe revealed immoderate details of what was expected to beryllium coming to the Samsung Galaxy S22 scope successful presumption of display, camera and artillery specifications. 

23 June 2021: Samsung Galaxy S22 camera specifications leaked

Twitter idiosyncratic FronTron claimed the Samsung Galaxy S22 volition travel with a triple rear camera consisting of a 50-megapixel main sensor, positive 2 12-megapixel sensors for ultrawide and telephoto, with the telephoto cameracapable of 3X zoom. He said instrumentality the leak with a pinch of brackish though.

16 June 2021: All 3 Samsung Galaxy S22 bid phones to spot simplification successful size?

Twitter idiosyncratic @MauriQHD suggested that Samsung volition downsize each 3 models successful the Galaxy S22 family, compared to the S21 series. Meaning: the regular S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra volition each person smaller screens than their predecessors. 

6 May 2021: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tipped to person "best" zoom camera yet

Leaker Ice Universe revealed connected Weibo that Samsung's electromechanics and semiconductor arms person joined forces connected a caller continuous zoom solution that could beryllium adopted by adjacent year's flagship.

It uses a periscope lens portion that tin determination the lenses freely betwixt 3X and 10X zoom, greatly expanding the optical zoom capabilities.

27 April 2021: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could person a 200MP camera

Samsung is said to beryllium moving connected a 200-megapixel camera that could travel to the S22 Ultra.

27 April 2021: Samsung's upcoming phones could motorboat with super-speedy 65W charging

A Samsung 65W accelerated charging adapter appeared connected India's BIS database which works likewise to FCC oregon TENAA. The charger suggests Samsung could beryllium looking to connection 65W accelerated charging to aboriginal smartphones, similar the S22.

19 April 2021: No ToF sensor connected Samsung Galaxy S22

Sammobile reported that ET News claimed Samsung has chosen not to see a ToF sensor connected the Galaxy S22 models.

12 April 2021: Is Samsung moving connected its ain sensor displacement telephone camera?

Samsung is hoping to physique sensor displacement exertion into its upcoming smartphone cameras according to report connected Dutch site, Galaxy Club.

12 April 2021: A Samsung and Olympus collaboration could beryllium connected the cards

Reports are circulating that Samsung has been successful discussions with Olympus implicit the anticipation of collaborating connected smartphone camera tech. 

15 January 2021: No chargers successful container for aboriginal models

In a Q&A report connected Samsung's Mobile Press page, Samsung confirmed it would not see chargers successful the container for aboriginal devices.

15 October 2020: Samsung claimed to beryllium moving connected caller Exynos processors

Leaker Ice Universe claimed connected Twitter that Samsung was moving connected caller Exynos processors, including the 9855 and 9925 - the second of which whitethorn beryllium with AMD GPU.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 28 April 2021.

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