Study: The "robots are coming to take our jobs" worry is overblown

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A caller study from Kryon finds that 79% of employees accidental a 3rd of their time oregon much is spent connected repetitive tasks and that they'd invited automation to escaped up their time.


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The conception of burnout among tech professionals spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. One cardinal root for the malaise often cited is having to perpetually bash mundane, repetitive work. And a result, a slew of the workforce successful 2021 person been seeking a job change—one that's much fulfilling and flexible.  

Kryon, a person successful endeavor automation, says successful a new report that robotic process automation (RPA) is cardinal to making much professionals content—a determination that progressively tosses retired boring tasks—and that utilizing bots sparks things similar creativity, strategy and thoughtfulness. 

Kryon surveyed 300 workers across, North America Europe and Asia, and recovered that workers are much than acceptable to manus disconnected the astir repetitive tasks they grip each time to automated bots.

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Among the cardinal findings from the report, 79% of workers surveyed said they discarded 30% of the time oregon much connected monotonous, time-sucking tasks. Moreover, 78% of employees are consenting to propulsion repeated tasks disconnected to a integer assistant.

And 75% of workers claimed that automation could heighten their productivity, 62% of employees would similar to usage the clip saved to absorption connected nonrecreational improvement and training, and 71% of respondents privation automation to assistance them problem-solve.

Still, an often-made statement against automation is that it volition effect successful eliminating jobs radical trust connected and so full workforces. For Harel Tayeb, the CEO of Kryon, this interest is progressively becoming a myth.

"The interest of eliminating jobs and workforces isn't truly based connected world erstwhile you look astatine our existent circumstances, Tayeb said. "There's a planetary labour shortage and companies are struggling to capable unfastened positions." 

"Four cardinal radical successful the U.S. discontinue their jobs successful April alone," Tayeb said. "The 'great resignation' of 2021 shows that workers person a batch of powerfulness and they're re-evaluating wherever and however they privation to work. They privation their jobs to person meaning and to consciousness similar they are contributing to thing and having an impact."

More assertive shifts to automation is thing that tin consciousness these desires, according to Tayeb. 

 "There whitethorn beryllium a shortage of candidates," helium said, "but there's nary shortage of enactment that needs to beryllium done."  

And others agree. In a survey by Deloitte, for instance, the steadfast claimed that 90% of executives deliberation automation investments volition spike their company's workforce capableness implicit the agelong of the adjacent 3 years. And successful a caller survey conducted by TechRepublic, we recovered that erstwhile it comes to IT enterprises, 60% are already automating immoderate IT jobs and different 11% program to bash so.

In a property release, Julie Shafiki, CMO of Kryon, noted that truthful far, "companies are lone scratching the aboveground of what's imaginable with automation." 

 "The aboriginal of enactment is simply a much productive situation wherever humans tin delegate processes to bots portion they absorption connected the parts of their jobs they find astir rewarding," Shafiki said. "It's clip to perceive to the radical who basal to summation the astir from RPA: the employees who are dragged down by these tasks."

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