Ted Cruz Tells Millions Of Unemployed Americans To Get A Job

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Sen. Ted Cruz reacted to the national hold of COVID unemployment benefits ending by telling the unemployed to get a job.

Sen. Cruz (R-TX) tweeted:

Um, get a job? There are millions of vacancies, and tiny businesses crossed the Nation are hopeless for workers. https://t.co/0ejI45Ja6I


Ted Cruz Told Unemployed People To Get A Job When There Are Fewer Jobs

Sen. Cruz told the unemployed to get a job. The occupation is that determination are much workers than jobs.

The AP reported, “The ending of these programs comes arsenic the U.S. system has recovered from the pandemic, but with important gaps successful the recovery. The Labor Department says determination are inactive 5.7 cardinal less jobs than earlier the pandemic. Yet the section besides estimated, past month, that determination were astir 10 cardinal occupation openings.”

There are occupation openings, but determination are besides less full jobs, which means that immoderate radical are not going to beryllium capable to find a job, and getting caller employment arsenic their unemployment benefits expire is going to beryllium hard.

Cruz doesn’t recognize however the occupation marketplace works due to the fact that helium has been successful authorities for decades and hasn’t had a existent occupation successful forever.

Many radical besides look the situation of having to attraction for their kids who mightiness not beryllium capable to spell to schoolhouse due to the fact that Republicans, successful places similar Texas and Florida, are trying to termination them with COVID.

America is inactive successful a pandemic phase. Things are not backmost to normal.

Unemployed radical can’t conscionable get a caller job.

Ted Cruz doesn’t attraction if Americans starve due to the fact that he’s got a job, adjacent if you don’t.

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