Tesla AI Day Was Very, Very Weird. The Stock Is Rising Anyway.

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A Tesla ace charging presumption is seen successful Arlington, Virginia

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The large astonishment from Tesla astatine its AI day was a humanoid robot that mightiness beryllium tested retired successful 2022. Few saw that coming. The banal is rising contempt the information investors didn’t larn much—that they could understand—about the company’s basal business.

Tesla banal is up 2% successful premarket trading, portion S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are some down astir 0.4%.

It’s a decent move, particularly considering Friday’s marketplace action—and however weird AI time was. The lawsuit began astatine astir 8:45 p.m. EST and ran for a mates of hours. The presumption was technically dense and focused connected however Tesla develops its autonomous driving functions. It looked impressive, but investors typically don’t deliberation successful presumption of peta-FLOPS of computing power. There wasn’t a batch of new—or comprehensible—detail astir conveyance information oregon the company’s selling practices astir its Autopilot and Full Self Driving conveyance features, issues that had been beforehand of caput for investors recently.

“The lawsuit helped showcase [Tesla’s] enactment successful bundle and compute,” wrote Wells Fargo expert Colin Langan successful a Friday report. He noted the Tesla Bot too, adding that “2022 seems optimistic fixed the years of improvement for akin tech astatine Boston Dynamics.” Despite his doubts, Langan, who rates Tesla Hold and has a $660 terms people for shares, expects the Bot to boost the stock.

Not everyone is truthful sure. Future Fund founder, and erstwhile Wall Street analyst, Gary Black wrote that, portion the Bot mightiness correspond a caller gross watercourse astatine immoderate point, it doesn’t accelerating the modulation to sustainable energy. Black posts probe to his 80,000-plus Twitter (TWTR) followers and owns Tesla stock. He says shares are worthy $1,100.

Wedbush expert Dan Ives, who rates Tesla shares Buy and has a $1,000 terms target, recovered the Bot puzzling.

“Unfortunately, arsenic we person seen with robotaxis and different aboriginal sci-fi projects for Musk we presumption this Tesla Bot arsenic an implicit caput scratcher that volition further agitate investors astatine a clip the Street is showing increasing interest astir rising EV contention and information issues for Tesla,” wrote Ives.

One of those issues is simply a recently launched probe by NHTSA. The bureau is looking into 11 accidents involving Tesla’s autonomous driving features. That disclosure sent shares down 4.3% Monday. Still, Ives added that the lawsuit showcased the company’s enactment successful afloat self-driving technology.

The lawsuit doesn’t look similar it volition beryllium a large catalyst, either way, for the stock. Analysts and investors volition present look up to caller capableness owed to the commencement up of caller factories successful Texas and Germany astir the extremity of 2021.

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