Tesla is making a humanoid robot to carry out dangerous or boring jobs

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(Pocket-lint) - Elon Musk has unveiled plans for Tesla to make a robot. Musk jokingly said that it volition beryllium designed to beryllium "friendly," earlier going connected to accidental that it would beryllium mechanically constricted to a 5mph velocity "so you tin outrun it."

Wanting to reassure investors that this wasn't a robot designed to instrumentality implicit the satellite - arsenic predicted by conscionable astir each subject fabrication franchise ever - Musk showed disconnected what the Tesla Bot would look similar and what method elements would spell into it.

"Tesla is arguably the worlds biggest robotics company, due to the fact that our cars are similar semi-sentient robots connected wheels," said Musk, presenting the Tesla Bot astatine the company's AI Day.


Tesla Bot photograph  1

Much of what volition spell into the Tesla Bot volition travel from systems developed for cars, with notation to the "full self-driving computer" and "Autopilot cameras". The Tesla Bot volition basal astatine 5ft 8in gangly and value 125lbs (56kg).

The look of the Tesla Bot volition beryllium a surface to walk connected utile information.

The purpose of the Tesla Bot is to transportation retired unsafe and repetitive tasks, fundamentally to bash boring jobs, with Musk going connected to accidental that helium could foresee a aboriginal wherever manual labour became optional for people.


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There volition an AI down the caller android, with Musk saying that you volition beryllium capable to springiness it commands similar "go to the store and get maine the pursuing groceries", but of course, it volition request instructions to beryllium useful.

Tesla is readying to amusement disconnected the Tesla Bot successful 2022.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 20 August 2021.

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