The foldable Pixel is probably going to be delayed after all

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(Pocket-lint) - Just days aft rumours seemed to bespeak that Google was going to daze the satellite by announcing and releasing a foldable Pixel phone alongside the motorboat of the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, a caller study present indicates that the institution volition astir apt beryllium pushing the merchandise day until sometime successful 2022.However, the leaker states that this doesn’t regularisation retired the anticipation of Google astatine slightest previewing the telephone during the authoritative Pixel 6 bid uncover successful October.

Google delaying the motorboat a small further down the enactment isn’t each excessively unreasonable news.

Samsung conscionable precocious announced their latest lineup of folding smartphones successful the signifier of the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 3, and portion those are of people Samsung’s 3rd procreation wrong the Z series, they’re the archetypal models to really get immoderate earnestly affirmative property reception from the start, with Pocket-lint calling the Z Flip 3 “the champion flip telephone we've seen to date”. 

In different Pixel 6 news, 91mobiles leaker Yogesh Brar claims that sources wrong Google archer them that the institution has been internally investigating 33W accelerated charging enactment for the upcoming flagship. 

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Notably, it looks arsenic if the recently revealed Pixel 5a with 5G volition beryllium the past Google-branded smartphone to travel with a powerfulness ceramic wrong the box, pursuing in the footsteps arsenic Apple and Samsung person already done. However, if the 33W accelerated charging enactment does successful information vessel arsenic a diagnostic for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, past you tin beryllium assured Google volition beryllium selling accompanying bricks to merchantability alongside them.


For a afloat recap of everything we cognize astir the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, click here. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 20 August 2021.

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