The GOP Is Becoming A Terrorist Organization As Frank Figliuzzi Warns The Right Is Being Radicalized Like al-Qaeda And ISIS

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Frank Figliuzzi said that helium hadn’t seen this benignant of online radicalization, similar what is happening to right, since helium worked connected al-Qaeda and ISIS.


Frank Figliuzzi warns connected Deadline: White House that the close is becoming radicalized online successful a mode that, "I person not seen since my days moving Al Qaeda/ISIS.


Figliuzzi said connected MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

The anti-mask, the anti-vaccine, the January 6th political prisoner notion, the conception that Ashli Babbitt is immoderate benignant of martyr that needs to beryllium avenged, and present that Trump volition travel back and a rally is going to happen this play successful Alabama.

All of this is going to happen and past a large rally that’s been permitted already successful the District of Columbia aboriginal in September, each of this is causing a benignant of online radicalization that, quite frankly, I person not seen since my days moving Al Qaeda/ISIS. It’s online, it’s the tendency to be a portion of thing greater than yourself and your willingness to enactment retired violently because of your beliefs. 

Instead Of Denouncing Domestic Terrorists, Elected Republicans Are Supporting Them.

The online radicalization of the Republican basal toward unit against their ain state pushes elected officials successful the enactment to enactment home terrorists, similar Rep. Mo Brooks did for the antheral who threatened to stroke up Capitol Hill.

Homeland Security is good alert of the menace arsenic they released a bulletin connected it past week. The Biden medication has labeled achromatic supremacists and home extremists a apical menace to the state and has enactment billions of much dollars successful resources and staffing toward combatting right-wing convulsive extremism.

The occupation is that 1 of the 2 governmental parties is sympathizing and, successful immoderate cases encouraging home coercion oregon spreading the lies that substance radicalization, it undercuts the national effort to combat home convulsive extremism.

By not taking a basal and denouncing right-wing home terrorism, the Republican Party has go a location to home terrorists.

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