The 'red flag' that put Lyon off Magpies job

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Ross Lyon has revealed helium turned down an attack from Collingwood regarding its elder coaching presumption owed to the existent "instability" surrounding the club.

The erstwhile St Kilda and Fremantle manager has been the blistery extremity to instrumentality implicit astatine 1 of Collingwood oregon arch-rivals Carlton, who are expected to portion ways with existent manager David Teague successful coming weeks.

After initially suggesting that helium wasn't funny successful returning to AFL coaching circles, Lyon has changed his tune successful the past week, and helium revealed an beforehand from Magpies shot brag Graham Wright.

"I don't deliberation Graham Wright would mind, helium reached retired to a person to get my fig and I was alert and conscionable said respectfully I wouldn't entertain that for a assortment of reasons," Lyon told Nine's Footy Classified.

Ross Lyon says helium is not funny successful the Collingwood occupation owed to the instability surrounding the nine (Getty)

"It's hard to articulate. Sometimes it's conscionable sometimes conscionable chemistry."

Collingwood has been shrouded by off-field contention each season, with an disfigured conflict for the presidency taking spot down the scenes betwixt the incumbent Mark Korda and challenger Jeff Browne. Lyon admitted the boardroom antics played a portion successful his decision.

"If you get a headhunter ringing you and you spell and conscionable them and you spell for the job, if you haven't got that chemistry, that happens beauteous quick, good it doesn't hap oregon it shouldn't happen," helium said. "If Ed [McGuire] was president of Collingwood it'd beryllium a antithetic story."

"I deliberation it's instability. I deliberation Nathan's a spot unlucky. I don't cognize Nathan, Nathan's not a friend, but conscionable from the extracurricular ... I deliberation if you spot misalignment it's a reddish flag."

Lyon suggested that helium would person taken the Collingwood occupation if Eddie McGuire was inactive successful complaint (Getty)

Despite links to the Carlton job, and pushes from individuals assoicated with the nine for him to beryllium the adjacent coach, Lyon said helium would beryllium a 2nd prime down Alastair Clarkson.

"If an accidental arose, and I accidental that with the top respect to Carlton, and they rang me, I would entertain it, but I besides recognize that I haven't got tickets connected myself, it's a red-hot field, Alastair Clarkson is available," helium said.

"Yes, [I'll] surely instrumentality the telephone and see it. I americium aware, there's capable Carlton people, celebrated Carlton people, premiership players, coaches, ex-champions that are advocating successful a consciousness due to the fact that they've worked with maine oregon cognize maine personally and recognize their nine and there's those benignant of connections, truthful I bash cognize that's occurring arsenic well."

Lyon added that helium believed Clarkson would go Carlton's adjacent manager aft his Hawthorn exit was finalised earlier successful the year, echoing what starring AFL columnist Caroline Wilson has reported each year.

Lyon is of the content that Hawthorn manager Alastair Clarkson volition extremity up astatine Carlton adjacent play (Getty)

"What I volition accidental to you Caroline is you were spot connected with Alastair astatine Hawthorn the full mode and it was spot on," helium said.

"As portion of that you were saying, I'll paraphrase, but that Alastair Clarkson would manager the Carlton Football Club.

"Me, with each the quality that I person wrong the marketplace, I deliberation that they'll talk to Alastair astatine the close time, which is adjacent week and I deliberation you haven't been incorrect yet and I inactive don't deliberation you're wrong."

Carlton's existent manager David Teague is presently contracted done the 2022 season.

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