Unreleased OnePlus phone appears on IMEI database, likely 2022 model

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(Pocket-lint) - An unreleased OnePlus telephone has made an quality connected the IMEI database, which suggests the institution is already preparing motorboat for its 2022 telephone ranges. 

The listing archetypal appeared connected 15 August, and shared connected Twitter by predominant leaker Mukul Sharma, amended known arsenic @stufflistings.

It reveals a telephone with exemplary fig NE2210, but small other but that it's a telephone manufacturered by OnePlus. 

At this constituent it's hard to foretell which telephone this could be, but looking astatine 2021's telephone exemplary numbers, determination is an denotation that it could beryllium a 2022 model. 

This year's releases each diagnostic the fig '21' aft the archetypal 2 letters of their exemplary numbers. OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are LE2113 and LE2123, portion the Nord 2 and Nord CE are DN2103 and EB2103. 

If upcoming phones travel the aforesaid pattern, the '22' successful NE2210 suggests that it's a telephone motorboat for immoderate clip successful 2022. 

In caller years, the 2 letters astatine the commencement of the exemplary fig person been related to the telephone codenames. For instance, the Nord 2's codename was seemingly Denniz, hence DN. OnePlus 9 bid was 'Lemonade' - hence LE - and the Nord CE was 'Ebba'. 

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What the 'NE' stands for successful this latest leak is unkown. At this constituent it could conscionable arsenic easy beryllium a caller Nord exemplary arsenic a flagship bid phone.

That means we don't cognize if this is an affordable mid-ranger oregon almighty top-tier phone. No further accusation is disposable from the archetypal leak. 

As is usually the lawsuit for OnePlus, we're definite leaks volition stitchery momentum arsenic we determination towards the extremity of the year. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 17 August 2021.

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