Vitalik Buterin part of the re-established Dogecoin Foundation

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The Ethereum co-founder volition counsel the organisation connected blockchain and crypto matters

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is acceptable to counsel the re-established Dogecoin Foundation, a property announcement published Tuesday has revealed.

The Foundation’s About page lists Vitalik arsenic 1 of 4 Board Advisors, with his relation being to counsel the squad connected blockchain and cryptocurrency matters.

Apart from the Ethereum guru, different cardinal advisors volition beryllium DOGE co-founder Billy Markus aka ‘Shibetoshi Nakamoto' arsenic the assemblage and memes advisor; Dogecoin Core developer Max Keller who volition beryllium the method advisor and Jared Birchall, who volition correspond self-styled Dogefather Elon Musk.

Previously established successful 2014, the Foundation took a backmost spot arsenic the meme coin remained successful the shadows of the broader crypto market. Now, the squad wants to person a robust organisation that will, implicit the adjacent fewer weeks, denote caller projects aimed astatine complementing the cryptocurrency's Core Wallet.

The Foundation volition not question to "take control" but to "accelerate" development, the connection clarified.

"We judge that the occurrence of Dogecoin is done wide planetary adoption and utility, and mean to absorption connected projects that summation Dogecoin uptake astatine a grassroots level," the organisation noted.

The Foundation volition besides question to support the Dogecoin marque by taking custody of the Dogecoin trademark and logo. This volition support the marque for the community, allowing for its usage successful DOGE-related memes and different amusive projects.

Dogecoin continues to summation traction aft an explosive show astatine the commencement of 2021 saw its terms scope highs of $0.73 connected 8 May. The terms has since crashed to existent lows of $0.30 arsenic the wider crypto marketplace battles with bearish pressure. But contempt the terms downturn, the Dogecoin marque continues to expand, with the DOGE logo presently featured connected the kit of English Premier League nine Watford.

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