WA Post: Unlike Trump, The Taliban Gets to Stay on Twitter Because They Promote Less Violence

2 months ago 18
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Donald Trump violated Twitter’s rules and regulations for years with small to nary punishment. But aft helium utilized the tract to assistance incite and insurrection connected January 1st, helium was yet banned from the platform.

The Taliban, a violent radical that precocious took power of the Afghani government, remains progressive connected the website. The Washington Post’s Craig Timberg and Cristiano Lima recerntly explained why.

The authors note that the Taliban is acting successful a overmuch much blase mode than Trump ever did. “The Taliban’s societal media tactics successful caller months tin beryllium seen arsenic fitting a broader charm offensive,” they write, “including caller conciliatory nationalist remarks astir pardoning those who worked with Americans and urging skilled radical not to fly the country.”

Lima and Timberg continue, “U.S. conservatives person been demanding to cognize wherefore erstwhile president Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter portion assorted Taliban figures person not. The answer, analysts said, whitethorn simply beryllium that Trump’s posts for years challenged level rules against hatred code and inciting violence. Today’s Taliban, by and large, does not.”

The actions of the Taliban implicit the past 3 decades person been horrific. The information that Donald Trump’s connection is adjacent worse than theirs is some telling and unsurprising.

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