Wallabies legend in 'high spirits' in hospital

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Wallabies fable Toutai Kefu and his household are "doing well" aft an alleged convulsive location penetration that enactment them successful infirmary with superior injuries.

Kefu's adjacent person and erstwhile Queensland teammate Shane Drahm joined Tim Horan connected Stan Sport's Rugby Heaven connected Tuesday to supply an update connected the family's betterment from injuries that constabulary allege were caused by a radical of intruders equipped with astatine slightest a weapon and a machete.

Drahm said each 4 Kefus should retrieve physically but the intelligence scars would instrumentality a agelong clip to heal.

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Tim Horan and Shane Drahm connected Rugby Heaven. (Stan)

"They're not excessively bad," Drahm said.

"All things considered Kef is doing beauteous well. He's successful a unchangeable condition, retired of country now. As Kef ever is, he's successful precocious spirits. Had each his household up determination this morning, each cracking jokes and paying him out. All things considered he's doing beauteous well."

Drahm visited Kefu and his household successful infirmary successful Brisbane connected Tuesday morning.

"They're doing well, unluckily I didn't get to spot Madi (Kefu's daughter), she was successful country erstwhile I went up there," Drahm said.

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Toutai Kefu of the Wallabies successful enactment successful 2003 successful Brisbane. (Getty)

"Josh (Kefu's son) is retired and physically they volition retrieve but mentally it's going to beryllium tough. Some atrocious injuries, Rachel (Kefu's wife) unluckily is astatine a antithetic infirmary which is precise hard, to beryllium separated from the remainder of the family, peculiarly fixed what's conscionable happened. She is astir apt successful country astatine the infinitesimal oregon would person conscionable got out.

"I deliberation she'll beryllium good physically but again volition beryllium successful rehab for a small while. Tough circumstances."

Drahm said helium had fielded "hundreds" of telephone calls and substance messages since the incident.

Toutai Kefu, a erstwhile Wallabies prima and present manager of Tonga, was stabbed successful his Brisbane home. (Getty)

"I had messages from each astir the world, ironically it was the time aft the Bledisloe Cup lucifer and arsenic we cognize Kef was the past feline who I conjecture scored the winning effort for us," Drahm said.

"One of the archetypal texts I got was from the All Blacks manager connected the nighttime that they mislaid the Bledisloe, Wayne Smith. I conjecture that's Kef's personality, his positivity was infectious crossed the satellite and that was shown yesterday."

A 15-year-old lad has been charged with attempted execution portion a 2nd boy, 13, was besides charged with burglary for his alleged engagement successful the incidental astatine Kefu's Coorparoo home.

A 15-year-old lad has been charged with attempted execution pursuing the bungled burglary. (Nine)

Drahm said it was excessively aboriginal to cognize erstwhile the household would beryllium discharged.

"They're conscionable trying to stay successful precocious spirits, they're not readying that acold ahead. Probably each of them person a spot of betterment to bash and that volition beryllium partially led by the constabulary and their probe and evidently Kef's circumstances."

Kefu is present the manager of Tonga.

"The enactment is amazing, they've got a immense family, the Tongan squad got unneurotic and they'll beryllium putting connected a dispersed implicit the adjacent week," Drahm said.

"So a batch of enactment if they request it but astir apt a spot excessively aboriginal to accidental astatine this time."

Horan, Kefu's Wallabies teammate from the victorious 1999 Rugby World Cup team, said his archetypal absorption was 1 of "shock and disbelief."

Police analyse the incidental successful Brisbane. (9News)

"We don't deliberation these things hap successful the suburbs of Brisbane but I deliberation the full rugby satellite has got down and are hoping to enactment the Kefu family," Horan said.

"I deliberation it's large that there's immoderate affirmative news, hopefully coming out. Kef was up this morning, having a spot of KFC. Obviously inactive a spot to spell with Rachel.

"Rachel, Toutai's woman is ever smiling, got a large personality, 5 kids they person and they'll each beryllium affected going forward. But the rugby assemblage is simply a large assemblage and that household volition get down the Kefus for a agelong clip to come."

Two Brisbane teens charged implicit alleged battle of Wallabies legend

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