Watch Frank Figliuzzi Thinks Today’s Attack Could Be the Start of Many More Right-Wing Domestic Terror Events.

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The lame-duck league of Donald Trump’s presidency featured an onslaught connected the Capitol gathering by his supporters. It was the archetypal clip the gathering had been breached successful implicit 200 years. And Trump’s supporters are adjacent much unhappy present that they cognize helium won’t beryllium installed backmost successful the White House.

Thursday saw different attempted onslaught connected the Capitol by a antheral who claimed helium had explosives successful his van. The terrorist, Floyd Ray Roseberry, talked about Trump being reinstalled successful bureau and immigrants getting amended things that helium has.

During an interrogation connected Nicolle Wallace’s show, erstwhile FBI authoritative Frank Figliuzz said Americans should expect much of this. He began:

“What we’re seeing successful this individual’s societal media already and the associates that I enactment with who are connected this and digging and scraping his societal media, his postings, they’re telling maine determination is simply a heavy consciousness of cause, arsenic incoherent arsenic it whitethorn beryllium with this individual, determination are respective grievances helium thinks helium needs to aerial out. And wherefore bash we attraction astir this? Why are we talking astir it? As you said, it’s not to amplify him. It’s to amplify the DHS informing that tells america that there’s a cleanable tempest of grievance and origin processing connected extremist sites of each kinds.”

Frank Figliuzzi thinks today's onslaught could beryllium the commencement of galore much right-wing home panic events.


Figliuzzi continued:

“And present let’s add, by the way, let’s adhd to what I’m astir to database Afghanistan and a consciousness that thing went incorrect determination and someway that’s an injustice, perhaps, to those who served determination oregon not. But let’s rattle it off. The anti-mask, the anti-vaccine, the Jan. 6th governmental captive notion, the conception that Ashli Babbitt is immoderate benignant of martyr that needs to beryllium avenged, and present that Trump volition travel backmost and a rally is going to hap this play successful Alabama.”

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