Why Lyon really rejected Blues coaching role

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Ross Lyon has opened up connected his determination to opt retired of Carlton's hunt for a elder coach, revealing precisely what helium told nine president Luke Sayers.

After the Blues had failed to lure Alastair Clarkson to Ikon Park, Lyon was wide considered to beryllium the blistery favourite for the occupation earlier rejecting the relation successful a stunning backflip precocious past week.

Lyon admitted that helium had caught Sayers "by surprise" erstwhile helium called the newly-installed president connected Thursday to pass him of his decision.

"I asked Luke previously, I deliberation the time before, for clarity connected the subcommittee and the process," helium told Nine's Footy Classified.

Lyon was the blistery favourite to beryllium named Carlton's adjacent elder manager earlier helium pulled retired of the moving (Getty)

"Then I woke up [the adjacent day], and arsenic I said to Luke, I reflected connected each the conversations and what was happening successful the media and I said, 'I'm out', which took Luke by surprise, but that's fine. I said, 'Mate, nary regrets I privation you each the best'."

Lyon admitted that helium felt "settled" aft pulling his sanction retired of the moving to beryllium the embattled club's adjacent elder coach.

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"I surely person nary regrets connected anything," helium said. "It was absorbing being backmost successful the arena successful a consciousness for a little period."

While helium admitted that determination was nary atrocious humor betwixt helium and Carlton's powerbrokers, namely Sayers, Lyon is inactive somewhat successful the acheronian astir what happened betwixt helium and the club.

Lyon says determination is nary atrocious humor betwixt helium and newly-installed Carlton president Luke Sayers (James Alcock)

"Even I haven't got some sides of the obstruction fully," helium said.

"The lone 1 has everything is Luke Sayers, due to the fact that helium has conversations with maine and [knows] his presumption and his board's position.

"I knew erstwhile I enactment my manus up what would beryllium coming implicit the fence. There's a batch of sound and everyone's got an opinion.

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"All the media commentary astir my ego was stroked and I didn't privation to spell done a process, nary of that is wholly accurate.

"But I'll instrumentality what I cognize with maine and conscionable permission it astatine that. I made nary assumptions and determination were nary promises made."

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