Wonder Woman Arriving To Fortnite To Complete The DC Trinity

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It feels similar the particulate is inactive settling from the Ariana Grande-led Rift Tour, but Epic Games has followed that up by assembling the DC Trinity successful Fortnite. First Batman joined the fray. Superman conscionable made his heroic beingness known. Now, Wonder Woman is leaping into enactment this week arsenic a caller tegument for fans of the Amazonian princess. 

Beginning August 19 astatine 8 p.m. ET, you tin acquisition the Wonder Woman cosmetic set. This acceptable includes Diana’s classical and armored outfits, a cape that comes successful 2 variants, Athena’s Battleaxe, the Golden Eagle Glider, and a DC Trinity loading screen. 

Additionally, Epic is launching the Wonder Woman Cup connected August 18 wherever duos volition person 3 hours to gain arsenic galore points arsenic imaginable crossed 10 matches. The top-scoring teams successful each portion volition gain the Wonder Woman outfit and cape earlier it goes connected sale. Meanwhile, teams that people astatine slightest 8 points (finishing astir 26th spot minimum) besides get an Honorary Amazons loading screen.

As a reminder, Superman swooped into Fornite past week, and quests tied to his conflict walk are besides available. The missions halfway astir trying to reconstruct Clark’s memories, with the Man of Steel remaining up with Armored Batman and Beastboy to find the representation thief. By completing a fig of quests you’ll gain rewards specified arsenic Superman’s Clark Kent outfit, a spray of his signature logo, and adjacent a telephone booth to suit up in. You tin work much astir what the Superman Quests entail by visiting the Fortnite website

To drawback up connected different caller additions to Fortnite, you tin work stories astir the inclusions of Street Fighter’s Guile and Cammy as good arsenic Marvel's Loki

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